Your new go-to
for managing stress

100% pure kava for stress,
anxiety & sleep

We get it

You work 24/7...

Checking your email before you get out of bed every morning and downing wine before you get into bed every night—because wine is cheaper than therapy, right?! If you’re anything like us, you know being overworked isn’t cute.

The good news is kava can help you make like a monk without quitting your job and joining a monastery—mid-life crisis averted.

Meet Kava

Your new go-to for managing stress

We’re gonna level with you: Stress is inevitable. Kava can’t stop shit from hitting the fan, but it can help you handle said shit (figuratively, of course) by regulating your nervous system.

Why Kava

Less stress, anxiety &

  • 😤

    Stress less without meditating (or medicating) 24/7.

  • 😰

    Calm your nerves and rewire your nervous system

  • 😴

    Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Why Kava

Kavalactones, activate 💥

How does kava work, you ask? Good question. Kava’s active ingredient, kavalactones, may be responsible for blocking calcium and sodium channels (which trigger your fight-or-flight response) and regulating the GABA receptor system (which triggers your rest-and-digest response).

Long story short, kava regulates your nervous system so you can stress less, sleep better, and feel more chill.

You Dew You

We’re pretty sure we bottled happiness.

Buy a bottle and see for yourself.