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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to Dew Drops?

When you’re adding Dew Drops to your cart, simply select the Subscribe & Save option. When you check out, you’ll automatically be subscribed, so you can save yourself the panic of using every last drop and not having another bottle on hand—just go check your mailbox 💌

How can I change my subscription preferences?

Whether you want to change your order frequency or volume, pause or cancel your subscription altogether, you’re in the driver’s seat—we’re just along for the ride. Simply go to your account and click My Subscription to change your subscription preferences whenever you want.

How often will I receive Dew Drops in the mail?

That’s entirely up to you, good lookin’. You’re in control here, so when you check out, just choose your frequency. When selecting Subscribe & Save, you'll be prompted with the the option to choose your delivery frequency. We recommend starting with monthly and, as you get less stressed (thanks, Dew Drops), you can change your subscription preferences to every two or three months.

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