Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s kava?

Kava, or piper methysticum, is a species of plant native to the islands of the South Pacific and Hawaii. For centuries, the root of the kava plant has been harvested for use in traditional ceremonies and natural medicine. Its effects are akin to alcohol—without the hangover or regrets. (You’re welcome.)

What type of kava do you use in Dew Drops?

There are two types of kava: Tudei and Noble. Both contain kavalactones—the active ingredients in kava—but in different ratios. The ratios in Tudei are more likely to cause side effects like nausea and last longer (hence Tudei’s pronunciation, “two-day”), which is why we use Noble. Noble is safe for everyday use, creating feelings of relaxation, not nausea, thank you very much.

How’s the kava sourced?

Our kava is sustainably sourced from Vanuatu, an Island in the South Pacific. The roots—where all the feel-good kavalactones hide out—are harvested every three to four years for the best potency.

When should I use Dew Drops?

How you dew is up to you! Use it in the morning, the middle of the day, or before bed—whenever you’re feeling stress or anxiety. Maybe you’re preparing for an interview or a first date, or maybe you just got a meeting invite from your boss on a Sunday night. Anytime is the perfect time.

How many Dew Drops should I take?

We recommend starting with one dropper (1 mL) the next time you feel stressed or anxious, and wait 15 to 30 minutes to experience kava’s feel-good effects. Don’t feel anything? Increase by half a dropper at your next dose. The higher the stress, the higher the dosage, but if you feel nauseous, decrease your dosage, and do not exceed six droppers per day.

What’s the third-party testing all about?

Good question. We third-party test our Dew Drops so you can feel confident that you’re getting the highest quality kava with every bottle—no inconsistent dosing. You’ll always get 100% pure kava and a 70 mg dose of kavalactones per dropper. We’re Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001 certified to guarantee the safety and quality of our kava.