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Kava Dosage for Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

by Dew Wellness on Oct 06, 2022

Kava Dosage

Kava powder is more potent than capsules or tablets, so it’s essential to use the right dosage when taking this supplement. The recommended dose varies depending on what you are using it for:

Traditionally Prepared Kava Tea: 150-500mg

Kava tea is made by steeping kava root powder in hot water. The traditional method calls for about a tablespoon of kava root powder per cup of water. If you want to make larger quantities, use 2-3 teaspoons of kava root powder per cup of water.

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Depression: 70-210mg

Kava is a great mood booster and can be taken on an empty stomach. It’s also helpful for insomnia and stress relief for some people. If you are taking kava for anxiety or social anxiety, take it at least two hours before going to bed, so it doesn’t keep you up at night. Kava contains compounds that can make some people drowsy when they first start taking it.

The recommended dosage for anxiety and depression is 70-210mg of kavalactones per day, taken in one dose (or three doses of 35mg each). You can buy kava root powder in capsules or tinctures at a health food store or online.

Better sleep for Insomnia Relief: 150-200mg kavalactones

In addition to its ability to help you fall asleep faster, kava can also help you stay asleep throughout the night. Research shows that taking 150-200mg of kavalactones will promote sleep within 30 minutes of consumption. This dosage is effective for men and women with various anxiety disorders or insomnia levels.

Taking higher doses of kava may cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness.

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